Wednesday, 9 November 2016

How to Keep our Heart Healthy? Learn in 5 mins!

How to Keep our Heart Healthy? Learn in 5 mins!

                  In the last couple of articles we have learned about the metrics by which we can measure the health of our heart. We have also started learning about the ways by which we can strengthen our heart.

We started introducing the methods that help strengthen our heart by stating this observation: "In most of the fitness centers we find a sticker attached to cardio machines that use this machine for a maximum of 20 mins".  Then we have continued our discussion with these questions, Is working out for a maximum of 20 minutes helps us in improving our heart health? What is the intensity that we need to workout in order to get the cardiovascular benefits? How many workout sessions a week one should practice to get the cardiovascular benefits? What all activities that one can practice to improve their cardio vascular health? 

 In last article we have answered the question How many workout sessions a week one should practice to get the cardiovascular benefits?  To change the current physical health status, an individual needs to introduce activity at least 3 times per week. As we become more physically active, the progression of frequency should go to five to seven exercise sessions per week depending on exercise goals to continue to develop and improve cardiovascular benefits. We will get to know the answers for the remaining questions in this article.

Cardiovascular research shows that in order to improve the strength of the heart and vascular system we must stress the system by increasing the heart rate above the normal resting levels. Exercise heart rate should be elevated to 60 to 90% of Maximum Heart Rate(MHR). We can calculate the MHR using Age predicted MHR formula, MHR = 220 - Age. Less fit individuals should start near the bottom end of the zone and it should be noted that many health benefits can be experienced below the 60 % measure. Heart health research also states that heart rate needs to be elevated for at least 20 mins to gain heart strengthening. Maximum recommended session is 60 minutes. So when ever you find this label "Maximum Usage 20 mins" in your gym/fitness center, share the above knowledge with the Gym owners or instructors and ask them to remove that label. Sharing this simple information can help strengthen many hearts. 

    Start exercising using this knowledge and strengthen your heart. The mode or type of exercise you choose is truly based on the concept of enjoyment. Some activities that you can choose are aerobics, cycling, brisk walking, jogging, rowing, running, swimming etc.

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