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How to lose or gain weight

How to lose or gain weight?

In simple terms this is how weight loss/weight gain happens:-
1.       If you spend energy more than the energy intake(via food) you lose weight
2.       If your energy intake is more than your energy spent you gain weight

For weight loss there are two ways
1.       Don’t do any exercise and cut down on food
2.       Eat food and do exercise to burn extra calories

If you follow first procedure you will lose weight, but the body will become weaker as it don’t get enough macro and micro nutrients required for the tissues inside to heal and grow.

Second procedure is ideal to maintain healthy lifestyle. By following this body will maintain and develop using all the micro and macro nutrients and at the same time as you are doing exercise body repairs and grows the tissues responsible for body strength by using these micro and macro nutrients present inside the food.

Coming to weight loss we keep on listening to the term fat. Is fat so bad?
Fat is very important for human body we should keep eating it.
By the way Fat is the only source for one of the 4 energy systems that makes the human body works. This energy system is the one which works for all low intensity activities that human body performs beyond 2 minutes like sitting on the chair and working on computer etc.

Not only this there are many other very important functionality of fat: It provides and stores fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. These vitamins play a role in maintaining healthy skin, bones, teeth and eyes and are needed for proper blood clotting.

Minimum daily required amount of fat for average adult is 31 grams/day.
To maintain a healthy physique, Ideally this should be the energy distribution from macro nutrients:
·         Energy from carbs: 50-60%
·         Energy form protein: 12 to 15%
·         Energy from FAT = 25-30%

For example if a person is on 2000  Cal Diet he should eat up to 60 grams of fat a day for proper body functioning and development. We can compute the amount of carbs and protein required using the above equation.

There are several very important benefits of Fat don’t neglect it at the same time don’t over eat it as 1 gm of fat gives 9 cal of energy.

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